EPOFFICE add more information

張貼日期:Dec 15, 2018 4:24:22 AM

Hello World.

The Union of Industry,epOffice add more information about Address/Mobile/Relation Link. Join us that user need ProductID to register EP iLogic, user can mail or call a phone.

Welcome EPOFFICE, If reader have any problems, please mail us and let us know you concern. We will be properly to reply the concern, and tell the news.

Google Cloudy Service mail to us and notice after 2019/1/22 that (20181217) changes will be facing Term and Service of Google.

Under term and service we are coworker, carefully the applicable privacy law.

Notice that this site's design for project model, so in every year may add new for description and for developing. The user in our domain of the specific yield shall be on based

In Union, the twicss (iLogic Connective System Site, applied for business items in Hsin-Chu localize government ) , currently blog this status of site.

Thanks of supporting, and we will keep going on the organization. We wish that you use EP i-Logic and more experience to production,

Have nice days and inform news for application.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu.

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