EP iLogic Viewer/CAD V1.1.27 is released

張貼日期:Sep 11, 2016 2:4:28 AM

We announce that EP iLogic V1.1.27 is released in Internet. You can download at download page in http://www.epoffice.org. This version dose not limit one account in one PC to execute program. Each account in windows have 30 days evaluation of iLogic and support Windows 7.

Try LCOD and power up the connective of your system will make you job easily. Thanks you attention and you can download the software to evaluation. It is free. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate, mail to us or post you wanna news that everyone need to know.

This Newly Version:

1. Unregistration of software will provide 30 days for each account in pc. It mean will not limit one pc / one account to execute program.

2. Debug many problems.

3. Supporting Windows 7, It will not malfunction of register form to show the evaluation.

4. This version Created day is in 2016/09/03

You can go to free download page to get !!