EP iLogic , Personal Edition was done in April ,2017

張貼日期:Jun 25, 2017 6:0:41 AM

Hello World !!

Hi everyone, We tell everybody that our development of iLogic Personal Edition was done in April 2017. So there will not newly V1.1 version in Internet. V1.1.28 is latest version in Internal Releasing Information Site. If you are interesting in this version please do not hestitage mail to us.

Now our currently purpose is only to application of iLogic to engineering or to any programming. That meaning there will not any newly version of personal edition to release in Internet. V1.1 version is useful and easy , power up your programming and speeding.

After application when you have any production identification to world , do not forget to register this ilogic and get authorized software. EP iLogic Personal Edition have much functionalities ( connective , configuration, communication ..) make program easy and monitor whole statement you design. Why not use this power up of utilites ? Of course you should use it to decrease your loading of programming.

Ivan Perng in HsinChu