How To Use iLogic --- an example & Steps

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This page is described that how use i-Logic with an example and with Steps. Of course you must download the i-Logic first and install this software. Currently there is a free Product-ID you can key in it and register the software in the Network. For more information you can go to Facebook EO Office (Chinese ) to get or mail to us, let we know you are under evaluation and testing of your w

orks. After registering the EP i-Logic, the program will protect this documents you build automatically. The security only you know, please do not make other people to use your personal computer which installed i-Logic.

<Fig-1 i-Logic Viewer , an example >

<Fig-1> this image figure out the i-Logic Viewer program. First use i-Logic you must know the operation in viewer mode. The viewer mode is limited many functionalities from project CAD. This program's purpose is for limited make you use i-Logic more stability and more safety while you are using i-Logic. You can not add logic and objects in form and can not delete objects. The user only view the diagrams you designed and you can click the <LIB> to enter the sub-view. Layer conception of document (LCOD) can build control kernel make you jobs of automatic easily. Before you use the i-Logic, please design the integrated controller and manage under (LCOD), then make those diagrams with i-Logic CAD. All of works and jobs well, you could use EP i-Logic Viewer to view the result you designed and implement of automation you aided design.

Before you designing controller kernel of LCOD, please preparing one of Middle-ware, In the install-shield there is an example to describe how to build and config of your system or of your configuration. The Middle-ware will be installed in your document directory. That program title is TMWComponent is used in Borland C++ Builder. You can build and use BCB to config and to set of your program. Middle-wares are embedded in your system you will develop and have CAD (Computer Aided Design) to setup system. The Middle-ware is the empty of functionalities, you must make mapping the Input/Output (I/O) or make pointer link ( long variable ) in this component events. You follow the code rule and code procedure, you could build well by your self, just config variables you want and pointers you create !!