Project Introduction

In EP Office, ---> epOffice have two projects.

iLogic Project - CAD for Controller


Do you often encounter much logic program when you are writing firmware? Do you confuse of those problems under developing? If you face many cases in different, you will rewrite your code. Too much procedure of working to complete your requirements which are only for one case on your equipment. We develop a software structure (LCOD) to solve your complex procedure and problems for using & (Integrated System). This project name is EP iLogic CAD for your problem in this field. It is supporting to you.

iLogic is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. It works with Middleware to develop your SI environments. After creating your based knowledge, you do not often modify your code/firmware again. Only designing the logic environments (Line Link) and downloading to your equipment will be processed by your creating LCOD document of iLogic CAD. There are many Middle-ware projects (C/C++ Library) to support the software structure. The user only embedded middleware in your program, which has the abilities of software structure of CAD. Follow simple example to implement and develop your software easily.

There are many basis logic/Group/Template/Lib/Func. To assemble those objects to control under different method is the editing spirit of iLogic. After based code, it is no more to modify code, just only use CAD to apply your equipment procedure.

EP iLogic CAD is supporting Group/Template/Library/Func methods to design application & configuration easily and they accumulate Logic/Group/Func (based knowledge). You can create to fit your requirement and operation. Group objects make more simplicity to design and convenient. It can assemble many objects to be unique. When it moves and erases is simple. Group Object can save as template file to decrease your time of developing and accumulate objects of your abilities to next project or documents, no more design again. The template file also can be <Lib/Functions> (LCOD / Integrated Controller) which apply your project under your conception.

iLogic, we believe those abilities of CAD can save your time & testing. The software is developed simply make your good job easily. That is purpose of CAD software. Are you confused of your program? Do you want to have CAD on your program? Do you want to develop your program easily? EP iLogic-CAD will be your best choice.





Machinputer Project, Under development.


Arduino project for iLogic changed to Machinputer Project.


Arduino Project for iLogic - Middle-ware, Embedded OS/Your Program

This project is Arduino for iLogic to do Middleware between system operation and hardware. The whole of hardware functions & output is executed by this middleware. The hardware user selected in i-Logic-CAD will be used by this middleware to drive & I/O.