Frequent Questions

    • What is EPOFFICE ?

EPOFFICE is about Union of Industry

ePenguin Office and our parner under EPOFFICE in Internet, epOffice is used simplified title by Author (Ivan Perng) in internet. This ePenguin Office is like to software space. In our office we have effort to make LCOD and good of controller. The CAD of functions are our goal to build easy & useful design with innovation.

    • What is iLogic - CAD ?

iLogic is CAD (Computer Aided Design ) software for controller. It uses LCOD (Layer Conception Of Document) to implement (Integrated Controller), powerful & easy use for accumulating your knowledge. This software also can add your created functions that be included iLogic files. Combine whole objects/functions conception by iLogic to build system control kernel.

It will be mainly designing way to construct & monitor whole system by iLogic. Before designing control documents you must prepare Middle-ware in your extensive function. We provide Middle-ware template of iLogic communication. iLogic-CAD need co-operate with Middle-ware to provide your design.

    • Why i-Logic documents files will be mainly method of design ?

This document use LCOD (Layer Conception Of Documents) technology to build file. To use it you must have layer thinking (Lib recursive / Branch ) like as mirrors in elevator. There have six types of concept in CAD environment.

1. Basis Logic.

2. Link Hardware I/O Point.

3. Group Unit.

4. Lib Unit.

5. Link Line

6. Func (User program for extensive functionality).

To combine six types of concept object implement LCOD document is powerful way of control kernel.

If you use this document and build (Integrated Control) of LCOD document once yourself, you will exactly know this why we say that. Those documents finally are combined to one Lib object which has connecting labels are your configuration. That is why powerful and easy use.

    • What is LCOD ?

LCOD ( Layer Conception Of Document) , It owns six types of concept to build documents. It uses to configure of struct for developing your firmware/program. This configuration is flexible when changing module or design. Layer-view document and combine all objects of concept type to be unit.

    • Why we first pre-release beta version of i-Logic ?

Your feedback information, we will consider of our next goal of version that build quality and performance, so we pre-release beta version to provide what user need first. Of course before control something you must certify every unit of controller. That is why we do this.

    • When will we release official version ?

After beta version & issue, we will release official version.

    • What are the different in Standard Edition ?

This version is for safety and data security.

After evaluation & testing , we found that safety is the most important while tunning in the machine. We decide that safety and data security are our goals to make high proformace and operative stability. This program is protected, it means that trend and crimenate of no intent to without raising event, it shall set up Item 4. Users are working on that workstation together, and new projects on it to build LCOD (Libs).

After releasing Standard Edition, this version shall detect the beta version to show information, User should uninstall and decide to use the evaluation of project depend on the program !! , The unregistered status is evaluated opening user ( WEO_User@MachineName ) in that workstation and provide 30 days.

    • What are the different in Beta Version ?

This version is for evaluation & testing.

First you can/should register & use this tools then get official-release. The official-release version is certification after testing, because the serial & confirmed number will be used on that released version. If you no register that mean is evaluation status for your using, the tools will show the register form to hint you that input the number frequently each 20-30 minutes. During evaluation some functions are limited.

Be caution, the evaluation of document is always opened while distribution to someone. If you use evaluation version to build this documents and send to somebody. This file will be no data lock. If you use registered version to build and distribute. This file will be locked and it need confirmed code. After confirmed code to ensure the document right, you can open this internal contents of this document.

    • Who use EP iLogic CAD properly ?

Middleware Engineer (AE)

Virtual Device / Module Design (SI)

    • EP iLogic CAD System Requirements


Windows XP SP3, Windows 7


Memory 2048 MB or Upper

Pentium Processor or Upper

Middle-ware ( Virtual Device)

    • Vritual Device Project (Middle-ware)

It is very popular for Simulation / Virtualization 3D, so we created this project. It makes virtual machine more useful & easy use. Of course It is project of Middle-ware in graphic system. EP iLogic CAD provides this project to design the extensive interaction(motion). To made it in different OS is under developing. It will be released in the future under evaluation of functionality.

    • What is FLC ?

(Func & Logic , Configuration) --- Mechanical Virtualization of Engineering.