What Is EP Office ? 2014,2015

EP Office is simplified title of Union in the Internet,

Currently , the exactly title only have that is e-Penguin Office is in our organization.

When User registers the ProductID , that user can make their Mark and we put in EP Office together.

In this office we have much work to do realize future of programmer. In the future the programmer need what we know !!

This site is based on http://epoffice.blogsite.org (Blog System) , a part of e-Penguin, which has declared

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We have our schedule and development in EP iLogic project, now first we prepare releasing plan after 2015/01/8.

No personal edition ( a workstation, multi-user at same time ) and Middleware -- Arduino Project under Internal Releasing Workstation.

After ProductID, you can get our information of Application Program in EP iLoigc.


Machinputer Project, Under development.


Arduino project for iLogic changed the title to Machinputer Project, This project is electronic circuit and embedded Libs.

<Everything would be Logical> Our Conception & Innovation

Web Site: http://www.epoffice.org

Mail: epservice@epoffice.org

Location: ChungDong town ,HsinChu County, R.O.C. Taiwan