what is EPOFFICE ? 2017

EPOFFICE is Union of Industry,

      We did upgrade about Union of Industry.  ePenguin Office and our parner under EPOFFICE in Internet, epOffice open the training of EP iLogic Viewer/CAD in (Web site ) , also make management that preparing the future.
   ePenguin Office is developed by Ivan Perng that is used simplified title in Internet. This office is like to software studio. In our office we have effort to make LCOD and good of controller.  The functions of CAD are our goal to build easy & useful design with innovation.

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  • ePenguin Office,  Ivan Perng's epOffice 
    In this office we have much work to do realize future of programmer.  In future the programmer need what we know !!  This site is based on http://epoffice.blogsite.org (Blog System), a part of  e-Penguin,  which has declared   Copyright (c) 2008-2014 ePenguin(epoffice.blogsite.org), 2014,2015 ePenguin Office, All rights Reserved.   When User registers the ProductID , that user can make their mark/logo and we put in EPOFFICE together.   epOffice Provide:  LCOD / EP iLogic Viewer/CAD V1.1 version.
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     This blog is for application manager ,   more the information visit  blog