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    This site is under EP Office. Our effort for making good of LCOD, so we decide engaging into this  field. This goal is to provide highly efficient tools & software service.  Our tools & software service can manage the information of  process. Automatic devices have this kind of  controller & tools  to do something will be easy job in user's design. The most efficiently abilities are the environment & documents, useful & easy use to assist the procedure.
    We believe this easy way will be mainly design method. Because it can accumulate the knowledge & make it simple during using, those tools are not only fixed logic design but also abilities of extensive functions. It will be the best choice for the controller. High performance & stable.

EP iLogic Viewer/CAD at a Glance   

    iLogic own the ability of CAD (Communication / Connective / Configuration ).  It owns document method self to implement those abilities.  There have many specific items  to be described,  listed below: 
  • Support logic functions / build them for the conceptive objects / build  from user.
  • Build the Lib (Integrated 4C / to assemble logic functions ) of LCOD documents in which the project of requirement or new one. Useful and  easy use method. 
  • It can build the program of functions which are embedded configuration in this iLogic documents.
  •  Include Arduino projects for iLogic  to implement the System (Contact author). This software is called 'Middle-ware' which is designed for iLogic CAD. This way need Middle-ware to be extension of hardware.
  • It uses template files. User can use template accumulating  the abilities of iLogic documents for next or new project.
  • It has monitor status from embedded middle-ware. It means iLogic can monitor whole state of document to test or certificate this project. Make sure the configuration(documents) are all right. 
Who use EP iLogic CAD properly ? 
  •  Application Engineer (AE) 
  •  System Integration / Module Design (SI) 
  •  Configure system (Middleware) in user's program.
  •  Firmware Tester

EP iLogic Viewer/CAD, Version 1.1.27  is released

    This version has been released.   Safety and Easy Use are our consideration of information for next goal.  
    After getting this software you can/should register this software. If there are any Official Release, we will notice to you. You just update program under registered information.

You can link to Download page, It is free to evaluation.
   We announce Standard Edtition(beta) is under evaluation and testing.  Standard Edition and Controller must be used and be bonded  in workstation.  When you are insteresting of this version , do not hesitate , Contact us.

EP iLogic Tester will be released.

    This functionality is under developing, This Tester program will be limited of CAD to applicable. This way will build up more stability and efficiency to test. 

Machinputer Project (Middle-ware)

      It is very popular for Robot & Multimedia Hardware, so  we created this project. It makes machine  more useful & easy use. Of course It is project of Middle-ware in embedded system. EP iLogic CAD provides this project to design the extensive hardware.

     To made it in different OS is under developing.  It will be released in the future under evaluation of functionality.

When you are interesting in Middle-ware , please contact us.

Example Operation

<Example Image>


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