iLogic V0.1 Pre-release / beta version

Under developing...

                              1.  V0.1 beta version(Not Personal Edition)  move to V.2.X  Standard Version.
                              2.  We stop the development on the Reap-berry PI  to change the platform of embedded device,
                                   Because Industry upgrading, we did not advice the platform to do extensive hardware of machine. 
                              3.  Examples  [Due Balance  Project] /  [ *.ilg | *.ilgt ]
                              4.  EP-100    /   Virtual Device
                              5.  We provide three ProductIDs in this site to registering tester of designed documents and 
                                   keep going on use i-Logic(Registered Status).   
                             6.   Please under testing and evaluation, limited exceeding and Libs/Template.
          2015/01/08  to release  V0.1  beta                               FileVer( 0.1.25 )  

                              please contact us or e-mail ,,,   V0.1 beta   FileVer(0.1.25)

          2014/09/18  to release  V0.1  Personal Edition  beta   FileVer( 0.1.24 )

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EP iLgoic Viewer/CAD V1.1.26 下載網頁  Sep 10, 2016, 6:38 PM Ivan Perng

iLogic CAD User Manual -- English Verion On-Line View it.  Sep 2, 2014, 1:45 PM Ivan Perng